#170: Attack the Block (2011)

E.T.: Extra Tuff

Joined once again in the home cinema (meaning a laptop and IKEA chairs) is good friend and fellow radio person Ella Woods. Although not foolish enough to spend 2012 watching a film day, Ms Woods does like a film every now and then, bringing this mellow headed British action/thriller for our delectation. Coming from the least funny half of comedy duo Adam & Joe, Attack the Block is a disappointingly uninspired, bland filmmaking debut from Joe Cornish.

With a plethora of influences on it’s extra-terrestial sleeve, Cornish subverts the standard alien invasion story, setting the film in a down and out South London council housing estate, populated by a bunch of hooded reprobates. Starting the film with a typically lacklustre mugging sequence, the future of mankind is left in the hands of these unlikely ghetto heroes.

Here’s the review. Some would say it’s long, I would say it’s not long enough. There’s even a bit of almost radio-quality banter. Almost.

IMDb it.


  • Ella’s doing Twitter now. Be nice.

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