#162: Baby Doll (1956)

A match made in hell.

Just like everybody’s least favourite Beatle/most favourite talking locomotive, sometimes I like to get by ‘with a little help from my friends’; especially with these pesky film reviews!

As another instalment to our ‘Filmklubben’ saga, I invited friends Mads and Louise in to the warmth of my Louise’s home to watch this forgotten Elia Kazan/Tennessee Williams joint. Set in the sordid underbelly of North America, this peculiar character study of a naive young lady quashing her passionate desires and leery sexual advances has A Streetcar Named Desire written all over it. But for all it’s unsettling charm and off-kilter romance, Baby Doll lacks the vitality of Streetcar, ending up being it’s limp-wristed younger sibling trying to quibble it’s way through to your heartstrings and cotton gins.

IMDb it.


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