#153: Metropolitan (1990)

Just a hunch, guys, but I think we might be a tad overdressed for the Megadeath concert.

Although I might be a total noob when it comes to Whit ‘the witty’ Stillman, from just seeing this – his debut feature film of twenty two years back – his influence on the shape of the American Indie Comedy film industry and beyond is virtually unavoidable. The intellectually-instigated comedy, patient plot pacing and uncompromising directing/editing techniques, it’s all there, and then some!

With Metropolitan, Whit focuses on a collection of Manhattanites. Made up of the pompous yuppy class, their stagnant world is shaken up when social climber Tom Townsend tries to join the fratpack.

What’s most impressive with Whit’s filmmaking is that all the verbose, overtly-academic dialogue is delivered with such great panache that it transgresses the elite class audience which he is satirising and works on a multitude of levels. Ironic, absurd and at some points slapstick, Metropolitan is a masterclass in the thinking man’s comedy.

Blurb done, now put the review in your ears. There’s even a new jingle in it for ya.

IMDb it.

1) If you’re sick of this tosh and after decent film reviews, take a look at Neil Young’s website. He’s rather good, he is.

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