#149: Tiny Furniture (2010)

Honey, I shrunk the furniture.

I’ve been sitting on this review for a while. Primarily because I have been very busy planning a radio show for this Roskilde Festival (more info at www.theenglishdandies.com, if you fancy it), as well as finishing a term of my masters’ and eating a lot of baked goods, which really knock you for six. Anyhow, here is a FILMKLUBBEN special review of Lena Dunham’s post-mumblecore comedy Tiny Furniture.

You know Dunham, right? Currently taking the world by storm with her uber-successful HBO series Girls, this film is where it all started for the super young actor, writer, producer and filmmaker.

But is she a Jackie of all trades and master of none? Have a listen to the extended audio review to here what Mads, Sofie, Ella, Louise and I all thought.

IMDb it.


Things you need to start up your own film club:

1) Films – one of the key requirements

2) Friends – another important element, although not essential

3) Liquids – your body needs them. Don’t be a jerk.

3) Confectionary – I recommend a hearty dose of fudge. Sweet, soft, long lasting, and, most crucially if you want to appease the friends you do/do not have, can be eaten stealthily.

2 thoughts on “#149: Tiny Furniture (2010)

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