#147: Comedian (2002)

Pass the mic.

If you’re not a fan of Seinfeld, you’re not my friend. You’re probably not that good humoured either and should reassess your life.

Whilst Dreyfus, Richards and Alexander were locked and bound into the ‘Seinfeld curse’, the monikered man himself shunned the high-profile Hollywood offers and decided to get back into the craft he knew and love, stand-up comedy.

This breezy documentary unobtrusively accounts for Jerry getting back on the road and into his comedic stride. Stepping out behind the comforting shadows of Larry David’s no nonsense sensibility, we passively see a man being reawakened by the industry that made him. The results are a tad one dimensional, but otherwise gripping.

Aside from Jerry hanging out with legendary manager George Shapiro and a host of humorous buddies, Comedian’s most interesting element is it’s portrayal of Orny Adams, a young whipper snapper trying to make it big in the merciless industry. Even if we see Orny causing guffaws amongst club audiences, the documentary gives us a biting, ironic insight into this egotistical, loathsome character’s desperate attempts to hit the big time.

Stand-up is bigger and more accessible than ever, with comedians swarming our live venues and invading our television screens; providing us with belly laughs aplenty. It’s about time we start taking them seriously.

IMDb it.

Anyone have some water? These pretzels are making me thirsty!

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