144: Rio (2011)

Birds of Paradise.

Treacherous summer monsoon showers in Copenhagen. This is getting silly now. If only I was somewhere sunny, somewhere exotic. Somewhere like Rio. WELL I AM! Kind of.

The third of four filmic experiences today is a majestic feast for the eyes. Produced by Hollywood’s third most reputable CGI animation company Blue Sky Studios, Rio is a fish-out-of-water (or should that be bird out of nest?) ditty about a domesticated macaw named Blu (voiced by ageless Jesse Eisenberg). At risk of Blu’s breed going extinct, bumbling scientist Tulio invites he and his keeper Linda (Leslie Mann) to his native Rio de Janeiro to mate. In doing so, Blu embarks on the exotic adventure of his dreams. Sweet-sounding, right? Well, it is, until all the black market trade offs and bird snatching.

With risk of CGI-animation becoming banal, Carlos Sandanha’s Rio is another enjoyable but ultimately forgettable cinematic feast for the eyes. With a warming soundtrack and glorious colour tones that would leave a Nemo rescue team turning the cold, watery shoulder, it’s a fun ride whilst it lasts. Just don’t expect WALL-E tears here. Leave them at the door, please.

IMDb it.

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