143: Limitless (2011)

You might want to crack open a window.

Film two out four for today’s viewing pleasure is 2011’s Limitless. Bradley Cooper gets over his hangover with this techno-thriller. Tenderly adapted from Alan Glynn’s The Dark Fields, this is a speedy techno-thriller with big ideas. Perhaps too many. In essence a character study of rejuvenated, superdrug-fuelled author Eddie Morra, Limitless wrestles with too many plot continuums over the two hour running time. Nevertheless, it is an exciting ride, with a career-shaping performance from Coop’.

IMDb it.


1) Retraction – decent, ‘challenging’ Robert de Niro performances post-Cape Fear: This Boy’s Life (1993), Casino (1995), Sleepers (1996) and the contestable Jackie Brown (1997).

2) Fight Club is my favourite David Fincher film. I’m just putting that right out in the open. Panic Room is a close second. Yeah, I know. Controversial!

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