141: Cinema Verite (2011)

Put your keys in the bowl, Slavoj. We promise you’ll enjoy it.

Today’s sunday special film is a little HBO production called Cinema Verite. Starring James Gandolfini, Diane Lane, Tim Robbins and Patrick Fugit, it reimagines the world’s first reality TV series An American Family from 1973.

Whether you watch them or not, reality TV programs encompass our mass culture. With everyone desperate for what Andy Warhol emblematically named the ill-fated ‘Fifteen minutes of fame’, Cinema Verite light-footedly explores the origins of the concept. Have a listen to the review. Not to sound arrogant, but I think it’s the most articulate I’ve done so far. Well, in comparison to all the incoherent chepooka I’ve previously uploaded.

IMDb it.

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