126: Margin Call (2011)

Quit saying that Mufasa is better than Scar, or I’ll eat your budgie. Don’t blame me, it’s the circle of life.

In these grave times of austerity, it’s always great to remember how we got into such a colossally swirling shit-storm of monetary pain. Bringing in day-old food for thought, the filmmaking debut from J.C. Chandor punches above its weight with the egregious subject of the financial meltdown of 2008.

With an all-star cast working for paradoxical peanuts, as well as an Oscar nod in tow, it’s a loaded, insidious and pejorative drama. But the black-hearted Margin Call forgets to be entertaining along the way.

Review done, let me tell you about this hot new thing called a pyramid scheme…

IMDb it.

One thought on “126: Margin Call (2011)

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