123: The Muppets (2011)

Sex faces, all round.

The second installment of my puppeteer binge is an all the more personal one. Although Being Elmo was an enjoyable, all-American documentary about the famously tickle-binging Sesame Street character, I’ve always sided more with the cheeky chappy meandering of the Muppets. That’s right, I’m a Gonzo boy.

This latest Muppets film from last year is made with fanboy heart and sincerity by director James Bobin, and writers Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segal (yes, he the actor). Delicately fondling the timeless characters’ of Kermit, Ms Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and even that grumpy blue bird Sam the Eagle, this is a fun, frolicking film which will appeal to kids and adults like.

In short, if you like nice things, you should see this nice thing.

IMDb it.

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