121: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Legs of tables, chest of drawers, arms of cupboards.

Hopping out of Scandinavia for a couple of days, I headed homeward bound to the shire of London. Over five days, I managed to burn up in the sun, see Elvis Costello pump out the jams in a right royal venue, eat amazing Indian food and watch a couple of movies. The first of which was Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard’s horror game changer The Cabin in the Woods.

Embarking on a trip into town for a catch up with good friend/sexy man Adam Fisher, we picked up some half price tickets for this little bizarro flick, then decided to chat about what we thought of the experience whilst we waited for half price italian cuisine at a Pizza restaurant chain. I know, a lot of discounted goods, right? I know a guy, he’s called Mr Orange Wednesdays (colloquial banter alert, apologies to the people who have no idea what that means/apologies to those that do).

Trying our damned hardest to be spoiler free for a film which is best fondled with care, have a listen to our findings.

IMDb it.

PS – I had a pasta Pomodoro dish. Spicy and filling, but ultimately underwhelming and nowhere near doughy enough. Just like the film. Kind of.

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