#120: Cemetery Junction (2010)

Worst. Film Poster. Ever.

Remember comedy duo Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant? Yes, that’s right, those who find it funny to demean little people. Well, remember when they got all portentous with directorial film debut Cemetery Junction? I do, ‘cos I’ve just watched it. It’s portentous, and it’s little people quota is a nullity.

Centring around a friendship groups’ struggles with their sterile provincial environment and the burdens of banality, Cemetery Junction was heralded as a smashing coming of age drama. Upon reflection, I think it’s fair to say everyone was wrong.

Not particularly funny, not particularly dramatic, Cemetery Junction showily whistles past the graveyard unable to revive an age-old and featherweight storyline.

Listen to my review, if you like. It’s nowhere near as loquacious nor profound as this blurb, but it still contains some words.


IMDb it.

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