103: Shelter (2010)

Hollywood’s favourite ginger superstar Julianne Moore stars in this box office flop-thriller which attempts to blend the realms of science and psychiatry with organised religion. The result is horrific, but for all the wrong reasons.

What happens when front-running, pious psychiatrist Cara Harding (Moore) starts delving into the complexities of a multiple-personality patient named David, or Adam….or Wesley…or someone else? You’ve got it, confusion.

Regardless of the unfathomable plot line and holes, Shelter’s biggest problem is that it’s virtually unclassifiable. Awkwardly blending supernatural horror trips, weighty religion vs. science debate and wafer-thin psychological thriller cliches, it manages to be unique but desperately formulaic and banal simultaneously.

Written by the man who brought us the enjoyable, bumper-casted Identity back in 2003, stepping into Michael Cooney’s psychosis ward for the second time isn’t all that rewarding. Unlike the 2003 film, Shelter carries the burden of religion heavily on it’s schizoid-shoulders, uncomfortably presenting that a devotion in god is the only way to conquer grievance, save lives and stop the bad guy(s).

As expected, Moore does a great job with the pony dialogue. Even more predictable is Jonathan Rhys Meyers putting in not one, but four terrible performances as the psychoanalytical subject in question.

Low on plot, shocks or anything else, the stale Shelter is destined to trawl through the multiple Sky Movies TV channels for the following six months desperately crying out for hundred minutes of your hard earned time. Just like religion, just say no.


IMDb it.

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