067, 068, & 069: The Three Colors Trilogy (Blue, White & Red) (1993-94)

I know, I know, it’s taken me an inexcusably long time to get around to seeing Krzysztof Kieslowski’s career-defining Three Colors trilogy. Often considered the best three part film saga of all time, I think I’ve been afraid of tackling the French-Polish director’s visionary work; expecting too much and coming out disappointed. Straight off the cuff I can tell you that I found all three phenomenological film experiences.

I’ve spent the last hour trying to formulate a decent way of structuring this post, eventually realising that anything I type couldn’t effectively illustrate just how perfect these films are. All three are wholly personal, complete works from Kieslowski. Over the period of 300 minutes, the Polish-French director is able to harmoniously combine a cinema of poetics with socio-political commentary, creating what could only best be defined as three philosophical essay films which, even when presented as fictions, are able to question themes of human liberty, freedom and belonging which Western society is built upon.

Visually beautiful. Audibly beautiful. Fucking great.

Blue –    ★★★★★ – IMDb it.

White –  ★★★★☆ – IMDb it.

Red –     ★★★★★ – IMDb it.

One thought on “067, 068, & 069: The Three Colors Trilogy (Blue, White & Red) (1993-94)

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