065: Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

Wristcutters is set in a limbo wasteland populated by successfuls suicide committers (sorry, that’s terrible English. There really is no correct way of phrasing that). Doing the deed after a harsh break up, Zia (Almost Famous’ Patrick Fugit) finds himself in this nomadic afterlife, encountering strange individuals and questioning the whole concept of mortality. But, calm down, there’s no real lofty subtext, this is a comedy, right? Apparently so, just one without any jokes whatsoever.

Although I enjoy Almost Famous in a kitsch way, Fugit is the actor equivalent of a chicken korma – bland, (coco)nutty and unadventurous. Afraid to give it some welly, he mopes his way through Wristcutters like an overripe stoner, expecting the rest of his cronies to roll out the goods. Unfortunately, best-bud Shea Whigham and the preposterously beautiful Shannyn Sossamon don’t come up trumps either, making this irreverent road-movie interminable.

But what about the cameos? Not only do we get Tom Waits as an omnipresent angel, but John Hawkes crops up as a peculiar farmer, and Will Arnett as the appropriately monikered King. It’s great to see these three effortlessly charismatic performers share the screen for a couple of minutes, but it’s not enough to resurrect an otherwise switch-offable. Better Off Dead, as La Peste would have once yelped.


IMDb it.

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