057: Dressed to Kill (1980)

Gratuitous nudity, cross dressing and genuine knee jerks, why it must be another Brian de Palma flick, of course!

After enjoying the cheap thrills of 1982’s Blow Out, I decided to continue on my wayward path of BdP discovery and happened to leapfrog onto this little clothing-caper. A cat and mouse tale with a fashionable twist, a murderer is roaming the streets looking for their next target whilst a prostitute and a bereaved victim’s son try to identify and catch the killer in their bloody tracks.

Even with all the sleaze, hammy acting and melodrama, there’s some amazing Hitchcock-inspired sequences which highlight the craftsmanship and ability of BdP to the fullest. Owning this style in the eighties, he’s even able to create great tension from a shot of a motionless shoe through subversive film angles and eerie music.

Although the plot and obvious twist may be wafer thin, Dressed to Kill is fun, frolicking and thrilling; the kind of film that a Saturday night at the movies were made for.

THE GOOD: One of the strongest opening fifteen minutes of eerie suspense building that I’ve seen in a long time.

THE BAD: A real cop-out ending


IMDb it.

PS – Thanks must yet again go out to the fantastic Mondo Movie guys Ben and Dan. Those fellas really know their filmic onions.

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