046: L’âge atomique (2012)

Number five of the Berlinale treats. A midnight screening was perfectly fitting for this episode into Parisian nightlife. The absence of glowsticks leaves space for a dynamic relationship to unfurl between best-friends and ultimately soul mates Victor & Rainer. This feature debut from Klotz borrows a lot from Godard & co in moody lighting and  existential allegory, without really bringing much more. Clearly Klotz has an eye for interesting indie filmmaking but needs to develop her own footing in this highly saturated niche market.

THE GOOD: The synthy, Drive-like soundtrack – oh so Parisian!

THE BAD: Smarmy, ostentatious dialogue – ‘I can’t sleep at night, so I get up and write poetry…’ *SHUDDERS*CRINGE*REPEAT*


IMDb it.

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