041: A Separation (2011)

I’m not ashamed to admit that this is my first experience with Iranian cinema, and what a fantastic starting point! Farhadi’s fifth feature is a gruelling take on two distinct Tehranian families, the conflict towards each other and the tensions from within.

Most refreshing, and perhaps testament to it’s renowned, academy award success, the film surpasses it’s country of origin and the ignorant ‘world cinema’ category through the universal theme of human morality. Less about the separation between arbitrary truths and lies, Farhadi questions why we spin such yarns and their benefits in the first place.

Beautiful, real, and unforgettable. Do believe the hype.

THE GOOD: Even with subtitles, the dialogue is nigh-on perfect and emotionally clawing.

THE BAD: Like my mother, some may find this too close to the bone and painfully honest. I cried, she cried, we all cried.


IMDb it.

PS – So, where do I go from here with Iranian cinema? Suggestions up above.

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