040: Blow Out (1981)

Classic early eighties crime caper with a still-svelte John Travolta as a movie sound recordist-cum-detective attempting to unearth the truth of a mysterious presidential-candidates death. Fast cars, sleaze, and frequent female nudity, it’s got classic Brian de Palma written all over it, probably in blood.

But when does homage turn into blatant rip-off? In essence, Blow Out is a poor man’s take on Antonioni’s Blow Up. Fortunately for his audience and bank balance, Palma is one the best copy cats around, making this and many of his other reincarnations not only forgivable but pretty darn enjoyable.

THE GOOD: The fourth strongest John Travolta performance after that crass Tarantino one, the weekend dancing thing and that waxy musical of his.

THE BAD: A tawdry, synthy, keytar soundtrack. I guess it was acceptable in the eighties.


IMDb it.

PS – Thanks to Mondo Movie Podcast chaps Ben and Dan for the tip-off on this film. Download there fantastic podcast here.

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