038: The Artist (2011)

Just a little French, black and white silent movie. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Catching this before all the gongs were thrown it’s way, The Artist is an aesthetically pleasing ninety minutes of pure cinema. Simple storytelling, dynamic character portrayals, an overtly emotional score and snappy pacing all culminate into a pleasurable viewing experience. I liked it but, beneath my hard as stone exterior, I’m a sap. On the flip side, some moviegoers just can’t handle it’s old-fashioned nuances. If you know such people, shake them loose.

THE GOOD: Jean Dujardin. Looks like he’ll have a career sorted, hopefully not just as a typecast, villainous European.

THE BAD: People need to get over that dog. Air Bud was so much cooler.

★★★☆ (This was a REALLY tough call. In the end, it’s great but not life affirming).

IMDb it.

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