036: Paris, je t’aime (2006)

‘Love and Paris’ – a classic combination – much like ‘cheese and Paris’. This film pongs of the stuff.

A collection of 20 Parisian-set vignettes from 20 directors across the globe, this film carries the burden of smugness and ostentation from the off. With such a collective tourist-like outlook to the city (much like the hugely criticised opening sequence of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris), this film is an endlessly frustrating watch. Perhaps in isolation some of these little skits could work (Alexander Payne’s, for example), but compiled into 120 minutes of screen time is too saccharine for even the schmaltziest of schmucks to handle.

THE GOOD: Look elsewhere.

THE BAD: Viddy this. It’s an unavoidable shit storm of a movie.

THE UGLY: The most vomit-inducing closing sequence since Paul Thomas Anderson’s Wise Up scene in Magnolia.


IMDb it (please don’t).

One thought on “036: Paris, je t’aime (2006)

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