034: Brighton Rock (2010)

Although claiming it as an adaptation of the novel and not a rethinking of the classic Richard Attenborough film, it’s difficult to forget ol’ Dick’s chilling performance as Pinky – the ultimate anti-hero. Although Sam Riley’s performance is strong, it often borders on the overripe and hammy. This however could be more of an indication to ropey screenplay writing rather than this clearly talented actor’s capabilities. The saving grace of on screen presence comes from rising star Andrea Riseborough as Milky’s acquiescent new wife Rose who, unlike Carol Marsh in the 1947 adaptation, fleshes out this otherwise washy character. In the end, considered as a separate entity, this is a solid film, but a pretty uninspiring adaptation of the revered Graham Greene novel.

THE GOOD: A good, if under developed appearance from green screen wizard Andy Serkis as lord of Brighton’s underworld Colleoni.

THE BAD: The mod/sixties remaining is purely aesthetic and unnecessary.

THE UGLY: Sam Riley’s Milky is a total pansy.


IMDb it.

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