025: The Fisher King (1991)

Gilliam’s forgotten gem and his most accessible comedy sci-fi film. Two very strong central performances from pre-Dude dude Jeff Bridges as shock-jock turned wash up Jack and Robin Williams as his unhinged homeless sidekick Parry, minus the Flubber. A solid, Twelve Monkeys-light story, one of the best enigmatic Tom Waits cameos ever and a staggeringly impressive set piece scene (you’ll know the one. Think ‘waltz’), makes this an absolute joy. Sure, it’s not in the top three best Gilliam films, but it’s not far off.

THE GOOD: Gilliams’ effortless ability to create a slightly surrealist world which we are all capable of understanding. As per.

THE BAD: The Brother’s Grimm. It’s not here, but just don’t. Ever.

THE UGLY: Robin Williams naked. More hair than skin.


IMDb it.


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