016: Win Win (2011)

From the director of 2007’s pleasant coming-of-age drama The Visitor, comes this bit of slow-burner comedy about a. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as funny or interesting as it needs to be and the already dragging momentum plummets to a snail’s pace. It seems that, for every good film he makes, Paul Giamatti needs a turd to keep the underdog equilibrium in tow. Even with a subdued bit-part from George ‘banana stand’ Bluth (aka, Jeffrey Tambor), you can file this in the latter category.

THE GOOD: Well, I guess it’s always great to see Amy Ryan on screen.

THE BAD: Bobby Cannavelle. That dude will never be funny.

THE UGLY: The most overtly conspicuous product placement for Wii Golf ever. Twice!


IMDb it.

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