011: Sans Soleil (Sunless) 1983

Chris Marker is pretty revered in artisan circles. This is the auteur’s most pioneering, visionary, and successful work. Compiled of footage predominately recorded amongst Japanese society, and elsewhere, this archetypal essay film deals with themes of memory and concepts of loose narratives themselves, without ever really pertaining a plot line itself.

A difficult film, Sans Soleil is a complex film which requires an active, participatory viewing. Although it can be all to easy to sink into the varying images with escapism flare, the photo book style matches with an entirely voiceover narration compiled over letter recitals from a decent loved one.

I won’t say much more than that on the film as I feel it is very much a film you need to explore and understand at your own pace. Not for everyone, but if you like divergent filmic experiences this’ll fit right into your Christmas stocking in 11 months time.


IMDb it.

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