003: Animal Kingdom (2010)

Not for the faint-hearted, David Michôd’s directorial debut is a brooding, difficult pill to swallow. Set in suburban Melbourne, we meet the unconventional Cody family. Drug addicts, murderers, loots, planes, trains and automobiles, they’ve probably done it all. But this is a musketeer’s adventure, and firmly rooted in the complex relationships and interactions of the family, made up of a bunch of brothers, and one, particularly incestuous matriarchal mother figure.

From the off, you know you’re heading in to an uncomfortable viewing experience. This film is cold to the bone, but all the more enjoyable for it. This film, released back in February 2011, has been the blossoming point for a wealth of new Aussie flicks crossing over shores, particularly ones with such sadistic, twisted narratives as this.

Don’t come into this expecting high-octane. The pace is slow, almost play-like, and most of the ‘running sequences’ are by-products of the claustrophobic interactions within the Cody household, and against the Australian police force, eclipsed in a perfectly underplayed performance from everybody’s favourite heathen Guy Pearce.

Bang on. Creepy, but bang on nonetheless.


IMDb it.



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